Kobucha, Sleep, & Crop-tops

Good morning world! Today is a beautiful day as it is the end of my work/school week and I couldn’t be more ready! Lately it has been hard for me to sleep! Normally, I’m a sleeping machine. I like to sleep but I also like to be up early and active throughout the day! In the past, I have relied on coffee for that energy boost, but ever since completing the Bepure Cleanse, I’ve been using less caffeine than usual!

A few things have been helping me get a little more sleep – I’ve been diluting my water before bed with Tracite┬áto give my body trace minerals to aid each and every cell! I’ve also been taking Mag/Cal supplement – which helps with sleeping soundly and also my charlie horses. I have been known to wake up, in tears, in the middle of the night, with the worst charlie horses ever!

By cutting out caffeine (for the most part), I’ve been able to normalize sleep habits. However, I still sometimes crave the taste of coffee. Recently I discovered Kombucha! The newest love of my life. At the People’s Food Coop, they sell the Synergy brand – which is really delicious! However, it is a little bit out of my price range. I’ve decided that I’ll be making my own this summer. The first step is to make your own SCOBY – a culture/bacteria mushroom. I’ll definitely be posting those pictures once I do more research and start this adventure!


Since this winter, I’ve kept a pretty steady weight – 122lbs. This isn’t stick skinny, but I feel great! This year is the first time I’ve been comfortable enough to wear crop top shirts. Check out my other blog – The Classy Cunt Catalogue – to see my collection. I, also, am a big supporter of reused clothes! I do most of my shopping at thrift stores. I’ve found some amazing things at Salvation Army this past year! Here’s one of my favorites – coral maxi, blue and printed tank top that ties – super casual and comfy!


Well, tonight I have a statistics exam, so I need to get nourished and study my little butt off until 6pm! Well…I guess I’ll wait a few hours until I begin that! There are a few HUGE garage sales happening this weekend so hopefully I’ll find some amazing articles to share with you all! Thanks for reading :) I promise I’ll be better at updating this from here on out!