Thursday; a colorful one!


I woke up this morning, at 6:30, feeling refreshed and excited to start a new day! My Wednesday was rough and I was happy that a good evening out and some heavy sleep rejuvenated me!

I was also inspired to be bright today! I put on my brand new colorful leggings and said, “lets do it!!!”, stretched out on my mat, ate some oatmeal and made a smoothie and lunch, and headed to the office!

I was greeted warmly upon arrival, with many compliments! The ladies loved my colorful “pants” and I felt great rockin’ them and making people smile with my brightness, who doesn’t?!?

This delicious bowl of fruit was my “afternoon tea”… As I claim to eat like a hobbit! But seriously, go buy some local and freshly picked strawberries! I picked some up last night and they literally smell like a fruit roll up, but are 1000 times better for you!

Enjoy the bounty of Mother Earth! Enjoy your day! Love yourself & others, always.

A few good meals!



It has been a really busy few weeks so I haven’t posted in a while – but here are two of my recent meals. The zucchini boats and risotto are from a local restaurant called Fieldstone Grill! Every Monday they offer 40% off with a Millennium Card so I try to make it out an enjoy an awesome meal for a low cost!
The fruit was my breakfast this morning – so delicious! I love summer time and the bounty of fresh fruit it brings!
Looking forward to a lovely weekend including Art Hop, Greensky Bluegrass, the KIA Art Fair, star gazing, and spending time with a certain special gentleman!
Until next time, love yourself & others and be pure!

The Beauty of Food


Doesn’t Mother Nature give us some of the most beautiful things?? We should all say Yes! as we are one of those beautiful things that has been create by Mother Nature…but so is every plant and animal. What do you think is the most beautiful one? Can you really choose?!

Well… I usually dislike onions and never appreciated their beauty, until last night. I was doing my picture taking and tweeting for the People’s Food Coop cooking classes when I noticed this BEAUTIFUL onion/lotus flower/soul. The first thing I saw was the lotus flower… Then the onion… And then my own soul – with layers falling away as I grow and deepen my understand with my self … What do you see?

And I also had this delicious (baby) watermelon for breakfast! So good. And such a lovely reminder that summer is almost here! I’m ready for it, are you??