pH Balancing & Alkalinity

I’m on Day 23 of my lymphatic system cleanse and I’ve been feeling pretty good. It’s been a rough week, busy with work and school, and I’ve been sleepy – but still staying active and feeling healthier than normal! I had been doing some research and decided I wanted to start recording my pH levels. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t acidic, and if I was, to make some major diet changes. However, since I’m on a cleansing diet, maybe this isn’t the best time to start testing my pH levels…but I did anyway.

I wanted to start taking my urine pH levels in the morning, using Litmus Stix – but when I woke up and took my first pee of the day, I totally forgot…so before I had eaten breakfast and brushed my teeth – I did a saliva test. I didn’t take a picture (yet) but I will be – once I get a week or so into the testing strips. Well, okay, so I stuck this strip in my mouth after rinsing my mouth with water a few times and swishing around my spit…wow this is such a cute discussion…and I pulled out the strip, let it sit for 15-30 seconds, and looked at the color. My pH was BLUE – like…way blue…like off the chart blue. Like, I’m as alkaline as…well…I don’t even know – leafy greens?

So there are a few things that came to mind: is this bad? am I sick? could I have done this testing wrong? should I not think about it until I test a few more times? but of course, I did some research and came back with mixed results. Most people suffer from acidity (pH lower than 6.5) but it is very rare to be too alkaline (pH over 7.4) but… I am. So good news, I probably don’t have any cancer in my body, at all. I probably am absorbing nutrients well – especially calcium, magnesium, and potassium…but why am I so alkaline? I’m not sure.

I sent over an email to Ralf, the original owner of Universal Formulas, who has decades of experience – and I’m hoping he has some insight into my health predicament. Maybe it is just because I’m cleansing – but then some research says that cleansing (especially your lymphatic system) will make you more acidity for the time being – well…not in my case!

On another topic – I’ve been having really weird, but realistic dreams lately. I feel like they are completely real while I’m having them – like all of them could have happened in real life. But of course, they were worst case scenarios, like getting back together with my ex and being really upset about it (but still doing it, ugh, how stressful), or my work hiring in a new employee and not promoting me…or missing a class at school that I had to attend so my GPA dropped right before I graduated and I no longer was graduating Magna Cum Laude. All these things are fears that I have – on a subconscious level – but why are they coming out in my dreams? Maybe this is all part of mercury retrograde and my introspection is on point – and I’m identifying my fears and letting them go? I’m not sure – but they are starting to bother me.

Yesterday was a hard day for me…I was in a pretty bad mood upon waking (from the dream…or I’ll call that one a nightmare … about the ex) and then I had to go into work – which is normally fine – but our system was moving slower than usual and I felt like I wasn’t getting anything done. Everything that could go wrong went wrong…so by noon, my attitude was pretty horrible. I had to quickly change that because I wanted to enjoy my day – so after work, I went to hot yoga, came home, went and visited a dear friend who is dealing with some serious family matters, made him some chicken noodle soup, and caught up on my favorite TV series – Shameless. It ended up being a good day – and today is better – but I’m definitely ready for a relaxing weekend.