Bepure, Breakfast, & Buddha

Today is Day 5 of the Bepure cleanse and I’m feeling great! I woke up with a good amount of energy, after a sound night of sleep – which is always a blessing in a busy life! No complaints here – I did some yoga yesterday and it felt amazing. I’m really noticing progress and hope to continue on this journey of enhancing my health and well-being. The other night, I enjoyed a nice evening in with my best friend. We had dropped off my big computer (also functions as my TV for streaming Netflix) and my apartment felt empty…so we did a little rearrangement, lit some candles, enjoyed my house plants, and zenned out.


An orchid from a friend…I thought I had killed it, until I researched orchids and realized that they don’t stay bloomed all year round…but this flower has been in bloom since December, so I feel like a little flower momma.


My brother got this Buddha for me in China and I love it!

I wanted to talk about breakfast, in this post, as breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, an important one, and many people aren’t getting enough nutrients in theirs! So, I used to be a bacon, egg, and cheese on some kind of bread type of girl…but over the past few months, I’ve changed that a bit. Now, everyone once in a while, there is nothing like a mouthwatering breakfast of treats – including bacon, french toast, cheesy eggs, and some english muffins – but that can’t be a daily breakfast, as you NEED more nutrients. So, over the past few months, I have expanded my breakfast routine and added in some great choices!

Today, my breakfast consisted of oatmeal, apple slices, and a grapefruit. I woke up, took my Bepure Morning formulation with a big glass of water with lime juice…and started working! Around 9 am, I threw together a breakfast. Now, I soak my organic rolled oats in a mixture of water and greek yogurt. This helps to break down the fibers in the oatmeal, allowing your body to absorb more nutrients, and it also makes it cook a LOT quicker. I don’t eat instant oatmeal…so this way, I get the ease of instant, with the taste and health benefits of real oatmeal. So I put the soaked oats in a little simmering pot of water (the water is like 1/2” in the bottom of the pot, depending on how much oatmeal you are cooking). Then I cook the oatmeal for about 3 minutes, until it looks like it is cooked, slightly creamy, and before it burns.

IMG_6701After I have the oatmeal together, I put in a tiny bit of organic, unsalted butter – ground flaxseeds (approx. 2 tsps) – raisins – and peanut butter. This is something that you can adjust to your liking – maybe walnuts or almonds, maybe dried cherries, maybe chia seed – whatever works! Sometimes I drizzle a little bit of maple syrup over it, but it doesn’t always need it. It is a perfectly breakfast, with a big side of fruit (grapefruit is my favorite), and end it with a “hug in a mug” – my go to drink – a little apple cider vinegar and honey with hot water!

I hope that everyone is enjoying their cleansing experience. Remember to be aware of your body – listen – do you need more sleep? More water? Less exercise? A little more fruits/veggies? Whatever your body needs, give it. But don’t give in to cravings…I pushed through my chocolate craving last night – and you can too!

IMG_6737We (Universal Formulas) recently rebranded our Bepure cleanse and I think it looks great! The new design and website really highlight the cleansing experience – tranquility, calm, and clean – what do you think?

Enjoy the first week of the Bepure cleanse, and if this Easter/Passover weekend brings travels into your life (I’m heading to D.C. after work today) then safe travels! Love yourself & others!


Prepping for a cleanse – Happy Spring!

Happy Spring… & let’s get ready to cleanse! As I prep for my spring cleanse, I try to get ready for 3 weeks of growth, change, and health improvements. Right now, I’m feeling pretty good but I have been having slight issues with acne for the past few days. I hope that adjusting my diet for cleansing will help with this (as I have been eating too much fair trade chocolate and sourdough bread lately). So, what do I do to prep for a cleanse?

First and foremost, I make a 3-week date with myself, to treat my mind, body, and spirit with love and appreciation. I make sure I have all my lose ends tied up, like major bills paid for, needed car repairs, and major coursework completed. This allows me to enter into a cleansing period with the lease amount of stress possible.

IMG_6627A few weeks ago, I bought a new blender. I got this Cuisinart Pink Series SmartPower blender. It came with 4 to-go cups, which you can blend in – which is the main reason I bought it! It helps cut down on my dishes and I don’t have to worry about spilling it everywhere when I pour my smoothie into a cup. Below is a picture of my smoothie – bananas (I freeze them), strawberries, kiwi fruit, greek yogurt, a little almond extract, and Universal Greens. You can add flaxseed, chia seed, almonds, or anything else to add some extra nutrients! I eat this, with oatmeal, and it is the perfect breakfast! I’ll talk about my oatmeal in a few days – as it deserves it’s own post!



The next part is the fun part – grocery shopping! I shop at the local food coop, as an owner, and trust this store for fresh produce, quality bulk foods, and much more! My usual daily diet consists of oatmeal and a smoothie for breakfast, a grapefruit as a midmorning snack, a big lunch (salad, quesadilla, soup), a fruit & nut snack midafternoon, and a dinner of a local, free-range chicken breast, some boiled & raw veggies, and some kind of carb (usually rice or whole wheat pasta). Throughout the day I drink lots of water (sometimes with lime/lemon juice and once a day with Tracite) and a few “hug in a mug”s, which is a cup of hot water with a bit of apple cider vinegar and a drop of local, raw honey (to taste).

As I’m currently saving up for a house, I want/NEED to be more careful with my spending habits. I do all of my grocery shopping at the local food coop – but have noticed that I spend a LOT of money on things I use, all the time, and could get a better deal. Things like apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, and witch hazel, are pretty expensive in the store and aren’t locally made, so I don’t feel so bad about buying them online. I placed my first order from and am really satisfied with the price comparison, delivery time, and their product catalog. Here’s my purchase!


During the cleanse, I hope to remove caffeine, sugars (except natural fruit sugar), and white flour from my diet. I will reduce my intake of animal protein and whole grains, and as always, continue to eat whole, local, and organic food. I’ve been practicing yoga, consistently, for 4 months now, and I will continue to do hot yoga in the studio (120 minutes at 102 degrees) 3 times per week, jog a few times per week, and do some at-home body weight exercises and yoga. Also, over the past few years, I have phased out cosmetic/person hygiene products that contain chemicals – so I will continue on with that. Don’t forget that many of our person hygiene products contain chemicals that are toxic – while you cleanse, you are removing those from your body – so don’t just put them right back in it! I use coconut oil as my main moisturizer for my face and body. Sometimes I use some regular lotion, made locally, with organic ingredients. I also use Tom’s toothpaste, but will be making my own during this cleanse (will share pictures and recipe when I get it down). Love your skin, body, and hair – don’t make them toxic with added chemicals that are in MOST of your hygiene products.

Other updates in life: I’m finalizing my offer tomorrow, and I’m really excited but also nervous. It is the first day of Spring and is snowing and barely 28 degrees in Michigan! So I’m trying to keep warm…and hot yoga always helps. Today is a good friend of mine’s birthday…so after work/class/volunteering, I’m heading out for a drink! I’ve been volunteering for the People’s Food Coop and have been taking pictures and posting Tweets for them – so check it out.

Until next day – love yourself & others!

I’m hearing everything differently…and I don’t know why.

I had a realization the other day, regarding my hearing. Now, I’ve always considered myself tone-deaf – maybe because I just can’t sing, have a hard time telling the differences in notes, and am horrible about understanding volume – but who knows. Is there some test I can take to see if I’m really tone deaf? Well, anywhooo, whatever happened on Monday changed my life forever. I hear everything differently. People’s voices are clearer, sound prettier, and are more distinguished – from family members, friends, and movies/music. It is very odd. Maybe after finishing the Lymph-Flo cleanse (Monday was my last day) – my lymphatic system has drained and opened up to allow a whole new sense experience – HEARING!

Whatever it is, I’m fine with it! And maybe I’ll be better at singing in the long run…but probably not.

As I make this journey of enhancing my health and wellness (an ongoing one, for a lifetime), I’m attempting to expand my hobbies and really find things that I love to do. I know I love to cook, read, write, and capture beauty – so I’m starting with these. Capturing beauty, for me, is the best. I love taking pictures and do it often. However, since I got an iPhone last Spring, I rarely use my nice DSLR camera…which is stupid. So I’ve decided to start taking it with me, at least once a week, and capturing some beautiful moments. And now I’ll share them here!

So, as my last post discussed – I walked across a frozen lake on Saturday…and I did it again on Monday. Well, I didn’t walk all the way across, I merely walked out 30 yards, planted myself on the ice, and listened to music, opened my soul, and enjoyed the beautiful cold air.



After doing yoga last night, I broke my cleansing diet by enjoying a Bombshell, at University Roadhouse, with my girl Ellyn. Basically, it is like 1,000 calories in one dessert, but simply amazing. It is a ball of moose tracks ice cream, covered with Oreo crumbles, and dipped in a chocolate shell. So delicious and horrible for you – and full of GMOs. So, this is a once a year treat and honestly, although it was great tasting, and I don’t feel too bad this morning – I probably won’t be eating anything like it again. I’ll stick with my whole food treats – like raw cheesecakes, almond butter bars, or Justin’s chocolate peanut butter cups (all organic, all fair trade).

Tomorrow starts my position as the volunteer Tweeter for PFC Cooking Classes and I can’t wait! Also, I’ll be going to my future home this weekend, and hopefully take the next step in purchasing this house! It is perfect – will share more once it is mine.

Until next time – love yourself & others <3

Spring is right around the corner…I think!

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and it is only 6 degrees below freezing – so in Michigan, that means Spring is around the corner – yay! Not that I don’t love winter, because oh, I do…but I could use a little warmth and the farmer’s market!

I had a lovely last weekend of cleansing – enjoyed a beautiful walk with my best friend, Alyssa, followed by a yummy veggie wrap, and a another walk across a frozen lake (that I didn’t capture a picture of, but will repeat again before the end of the season). So here is me, adventuring in Al Sabo Land Preserve in Oshtemo, MI.


SO what else did I do? I made some almonds…made almonds? What does that even mean? Haha…good question! So, maybe you’ve heard – in California (where most of the almonds in the US come from, I think) there was a ban passed that made it so a farmer HAS to pasteurize almonds, except for some circumstances, and this has caused the price of unpasteurized almonds to sky rocket! I bought mine for $17/lb, in bulk, at the People’s Food Coop. Now – experts disagree on this issue – some say that pasteurization is key to good, safe almonds – but it may also ruin the nutritional quality – as treating things with high heats normally does. But I’ve been using the same method for “making” almonds since I was little…well okay, my mom has been doing it for decades – and I took her idea and made it my staple.

Now, I LOVE raw almonds – I think they taste great (some people don’t) – but they also are hard to digest….which is why this method is great! I soak my almonds (about a 1/2 lb, because my oven is TINY) over night, in water, completely submerged, with a little bit of salt (add more or less, depending on what you like – but you need a little dash at least)!


Then I lay them out, after about 18-24 hours of soaking, on parchment paper. Now, parchment paper is great for a lot of things (like baking bacon, yumm) but also helps to keep food from sticking, absorbs moisture, and keeps the baking sheets easy to clean! So try to lay each almond by itself, they can touch, but don’t overlap. Heat the oven to 140 degrees – now…mine doesn’t let me get down below 150 on the settings – but I just turn it a little lower than anything that registers, and keep my eye on the thermometer I use (the benefits of having a crappy oven, it came with a thermometer inside because the adjustments aren’t reliable!) haha. IMG_6555 IMG_6560Literally bake the almonds, at the 140 degree mark, until they are the crunchiness you desire. I leave mine in for about 24 hours – each oven is different and each person likes their almonds a little different. Now, you probably are thinking “how can I do this and function in my normal life?” – well don’t worry…maybe I shouldn’t tell my landlord this, but I leave my oven all the whole time, and even run errands. I start it around 5pm, so it can be on all night, and all day the next day while I work (from home, thankfully), so I don’t worry about it burning down the house. Also, since it is such a low heat – it really doesn’t cost much, or create too much worry, if you have to step out of the house for a bit.

These are the best tasting almonds ever – a great crunch – still holding on to the good nutrients – but easier to digest! Yes!

So – just a quick post about my almond making adventure.

I’ll be starting the Bepure cleanse, for my work, on March 23rd – and I’ll be keeping up with this blog until and throughout that cleanse!

Peace & love to all!