14 days later & the cleansing continues…

It has been a really busy few weeks – and this cleanse, I believe, has helped me keep on top of things and stay healthy during a stressful month! I’m on day 20 of this cleanse and I’m feeling great! Tomorrow will mark 21 days with no caffeine – except for a little chocolate I’ve had.

This weekend was hard for me to keep a clean diet – so I did cheat a little bit…but breaded pickles sounded so good when I was DDing for all my friends and sitting at the bowling alley (and it was the healthiest choice I had for munchies). Aside from a little cheat – I’ve been keeping pretty clean – staying away from a lot of diary, animal proteins, and processed foods. Smoothies have been my saving grace over the past few weeks, as you can change them a lot and they are tasty, filling, and full of healthy produce! I’ve been keeping mine relatively simple – some locally made and fresh, raw, organic greek yogurt, frozen bananas, and a combo of strawberries/blueberries/kiwi/spinach/kale, and Universal Greens blend!  Sometimes I go for a chocolate smoothie – like I’ve shared on this blog before, but I’ve been adding in cacao nibs as well – which give it a little crunch!

Today was the end of Owner’s Appreciation Week at the People’s Food Co-op so I just stocked up on a bunch of goodies – including raw almonds, fruits & veggies, some turkey, mozzarella cheese, oatmeal, and kombucha! I think I’m going to go for another round of homemade chicken no noodle soup as it was delicious and a much needed healing broth when I was going through my healing crisis.

My energy level has been excellent – I couldn’t be happier with the results :) I’ve been waking up an hour or so before my usual time, feeling energized and well-rested, which is better than things had been for the past few months. I also recently started to notice the enamel on my front few teeth was deteriorating. I try to keep up on the brushing/flossing teeth business and always have considered myself to have good teeth – so this was really alarming. I did a lot of research and most things said that whitening toothpaste was good (but I don’t use that stuff, I use natural toothpaste and hopefully will be making my own when this tube runs out) so anyway – one blog I read recommended taking some Cal/Mag supplements – so I added those back into my routine. I’ve been taking just 2 Mag/Cal supplements with lunch for the past 2 weeks and have noticed amazing changes. I’m going to do it for a month straight and share some pictures because I think this is amazing! I also think it happened because of my high intake of lemon juice in drinks (water, tea, toddys) so I’ve reduced my use of lemon juice and that may have helped too.

So as this cleanse is slowing coming to an end, I’ll be done NEXT Monday – I’m thinking about following up with a Bepure cleanse from Universal Formulas (the wonderful company I work for!). Last year, I did the Bepure cleanse as my first experience with a cleanse EVER and I loved it! They are giving me the opportunity to cleanse again, starting March 23rd, and to blog about my experience for the second time around! I’m really excited to do this – as I think I’ll just feel even better than I do now! :)

So another update on things – as I feel that cleansing your body also should be a part of cleansing your soul – so I’m keeping up with hot yoga and deep breathing, as well as doing more volunteering and other hobbies that I’ve neglected throughout my high school and college career. I recently bought a few more houseplants and am working on my green thumb. I’m hoping to buy a house within the next 6 months so I decided to get ahead and start preparing to be an adult, with a house, and making it my home! I’ve been doing a lot of research on composting, gardening for beginners, and becoming a foster dog mom – so big things are in the works for me! I also started doing some volunteer work for the PFC (see above) and I’ll be attending, photographing, and Tweeting about their cooking classes – so I’ll be able to share that information over the next few months!

Until next time – peace & love :)

Lymphatic System Cleanse – and a healing crisis

Hi All – it has been too long since I’ve updated this blog…but I’m doing it today so I can have a memory of this experience.

Last week, I started a lymphatic system cleanse from my company – Universal Formulas – and I’m taking 9 capsules of Lymph-Flo per day, along with cutting out caffeine, sugar, processed foods, most animal proteins, and dairy. On Saturday, I started to feel a little sick…and still am, but I was convinced it was the flu, until I read up on what a healing crisis was.

Now, I really think I’m having a healing crisis – which is great news! I hope that after I complete the cleanse, I’ll be a new person – energetic, happy, and healthy! Not that I wasn’t before, but just an improvement from what I was before cleansing. I’ve had swollen lymph nodes since I was 8 or so…and never have done a lymphatic system cleanse before. I did a full body cleanse last year and didn’t have a healing crisis, but noticed a lot of great benefits.

Since I started cleansing, I haven’t had any problem staying away from the caffeine – I feel energized and ready to go with out it! Which is a definite blessing in my life. I have been eating pretty well, as always, but have reduced my dairy and animal protein intake a lot. I wish I had a juicer, as I feel like that would really help my healing crisis. But I also haven’t had a big appetite, so I’m only eating small amounts of food.

I’m achy and have pretty heavy congestion in my lungs…with a bad, wet cough, and pressure in my ears. I’ve been drinking Echinacea tea, taking Vitamin D3, and sleeping a lot (but I wake up at 4am everyday, not by choice). I had been breaking out pretty bad leading up to the cleanse, but now my face is clearing up. I took a break from hot yoga, it has been a week since practicing, but I decided that I’m going this afternoon, after work. If I can’t do the full practice, I will at least lay on my mat and enjoy the warmth and the sweat. I’m going to treat it like a “sauna” and detox through expelling toxins out of my body.

I also read that you should not wear a bra for 12-hours per day…which is awesome! At first I thought it was a joke, but it really does make sense. Bras, especially with underwires, probably limit the ability of circulation to the body…so I’ll be happy to follow that rule!

Another interesting article I read, was that the achy-ness I’m experiencing in my back may be from my spine readjusting during the healing crisis – wouldn’t that be amazing! If I finish this cleanse and I don’t have back aches/tightness anymore, I’m going to jump for joy and tell EVERYONE I know to cleanse their lymphatic system.

That’s all for now – I’ll update again once the healing crisis is under control and I’m back and feeling better than ever :)