Beans are good for you’re… & a night cap!

…heart, body, muscles, digestive system, brain, and everything else in your body. A great vegetable protein to use in all kinds of dishes. I’m trying to incorporate them more into my diet. I thought I would share the great site I found to guide me through my adventure with chickpeas. I actually like using garbanzo better. So, this site also teaches you how to soak and cook all beans, with or without a pressure cooker. Also gives a great list of herbs and spices to add to specific types of beans! I hope you all find this as useful as I did!

I have some pinto beans and I’m thinking a good veggie soup sounds perfect! Kale, rice noodles, celery, carrots, garbanzo, and pinto beans. Any other ideas?? I’m going to be experimenting over the next few days and I’ll share my adventure soon. :)

This site – which is the first time I’ve heard of The George Mateljan Foundation for the World’s Healthiest Foods (so I’ll be exploring and hoping for great information) talks about all the wonderful benefits of garbanzo beans. I’m impressed by what I’ve read so far – not necessarily about the beans, but about the organization! I’ll do some more research on how they conduct their research and share if deemed qualified!

On another note – sleeping is a lot easier on the BePure cleanse. I’m not sure if it my body being more tired than normal, so I’m able to go to sleep before 1am. Maybe it’s due to the diet restrictions – no caffeine or alcohol. I’m not an abuser of either of the two – but I do enjoy both. Since these have both been cut out, I’m sleeping a lot better – not necessarily more hours – but earlier to sleep, earlier and easier to wake. Tomorrow I plan on doing hot yoga before I work! Let’s see how easy 8am comes around!

Best wishes to all :)

BePure Day 6 – A Spicy Breakfast & Homemade Hummus

Since eating healthy is not only required during this cleanse, but also a hobby of mine, I find this cleanse utmost enjoyable. It allows me to take the time to cook, slowly, my meals. I had a busy day, yesterday afternoon and this afternoon, on top of work and school, in the kitchen. I made some of my favorite almonds, just the way my mom makes them! I soak however many almonds I want in water and a dash of salt over night, in the fridge. I started mine in the oven, on a baking sheet with parchment paper, around 8pm. You MUST set your over to the lowest possible heat. Mine is “warm”, so I go about half way in between “warm” and “off” (approx. 160 degrees). I bake them until they  have my favorite crunch! when you bite into them. I did take them out (about 30 mins) to make my spicy breakfast, which I will show and tell you all about in a moment! I believe I cooked them for a total of 15 hours, so make sure you or someone will be home to check them often. I…didn’t leave my house, but this cleanse has got me being slightly introverted and self-improvement minded. Can’t complain!

For breakfast yesterday, I had a brilliant idea, inspired by Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations trip to Malaysia. I’m taking a culinary tourism course as one of my last general ED requirements before I graduate. It is a Geography 3500 course (slightly higher level if you aren’t studying anything related to earth sciences) that delves into cuisines and culture around the world. Now, I first thought this would be about Italian, French, Asian, Fusion, Hispanic, and more…but no! This class has started at the roots – where our food came from, how it traveled across the world, and how cuisine and culture are a mixture of ever-changing and ever-lasting identities that we seldom appreciate. So…without a further digression into my studies, I present you with my spicy breakfast concoction: I decided to use some organic polenta, mixed together diced tomatoes, black beans, and a little green chile pepper. I did a layer of each, cracked an egg over it, some fresh parsley and a few shredded of sharp cheddar (I caved and ate a wee bit of cheese). After it was baked, I shook on a little Habanero (insert tilde?) sauce! Delicious.

After this, I began my work shift where I was able to help out some wonderful Universal Formulas customers! After work, before doing some hot yoga, I decided to make a batch of humus. I soaked some chickpeas over night … in case you aren’t aware, dry chickpeas get a LOT bigger once you soak them. Making humus is very easy, as long as you have a decent food processor. Luckily, my blender came with an attachment and it worked perfectly after about 10 minutes! Homemade humus tastes delicious, has more nutrients, and is WAY cheaper. I used this recipe to make it – So after my delicious breakfast casserole, I enjoyed some hummus and lots of fresh veggies before doing a hot yoga class! After class, I went home and fell asleep at a reasonable hour.

Today, my 6th day of cleansing, I woke up, reheated some of my spicy breakfast, at some cantelope and an apple, packed a lunch, and headed to class. Two of my classes ended up being cancelled so I was able to go out and enjoy the weather. I went to a beautiful part of a park near my home and enjoyed my packed lunch in the bird sanctuary. It was delightful! Well, now I’m off to go for another walk around downtown and enjoy dinner at a local food restaurant – Food Dance! I’ve been feeling really good for the past few days! I’m proud to say that I have yet to consume any empty carbohydrates, alcohol, caffeine, or meat products. I can’t believe that I was able to cut these things out so easily. I feel like this is the next step in my journey of life – where I am finally able to match my behaviors with my attitude towards healthy living. I know this weekend will be hard, as the weather will be nice, and all my friends will want to go out and enjoy it with a few cocktails! But I’m fine with water! I’ll even drink them with a water, cayenne pepper, lemon juice, and cinnamon drink! They won’t even be able to tell the difference. Plus, all the extra energy I have will be helpful in keeping up with my friends who may be a little “excited” this weekend. :) All for now!

BePure Day 4 – Veggie processing & a small chocolate craving!

So after I bought all those delicious veggies, I decided if I waited any longer to cut them up I’d faint with hunger. So I chopped them all up and made them fit into my little fridge! And who knew that cabbages were so beautiful!?! :)Image

I definitely open it up for a snack and get an instant smile on my face. It has been a long time since my fridge was completely full of fresh cut veggies – including cabbage, spinach, broccoli, kale, peppers, carrots, and celery – and some fresh chives found the other day in the woods! (I hope those are edible…as I’ve heard they only grow where there has once been urine…but I doubt that is true).


After I chopped up some veggies and did many dishes, I began to rearrange my room. I feel that this cleansing time, along with mercury retrograde, give ourselves a perfect opportunity to re-acclimate to reality…you know, flow some new and improved energy in your living space, de-clutter your life – physically, mentally, and spiritually. I have an over abundance of shoes in my life, and I found a new pair I love. So, I decided that if I was going to purchase this new pair, I would get rid of 4 pairs which I never wear. Good deal! I love these shoes! (okay, and taking pictures)


I still have a slight headache – I’m thinking it could be from the toxins. I walked a lot around campus today and felt pretty good until about 5pm. I started to get a slight headache and decided to eat dinner.h I had some chicken noodle soup (organic and passed my normal label examination), lots of fresh veggies in a salad, and an orange for dessert. So after this long day I had a slight chocolate craving. It has been 96 hours since I’ve consumed caffeine and almost 96 hours since I’ve consumed chocolate (I had some late Friday night!) and I needed a little pick me up. I decided to make a healthy chocolate shake! I learned how to make something similar to this when I worked at a fitness club 2 years ago. I didn’t like any of their “protein” shakes, which were artificial fruit blends, whey protein powder, and a scoop of chocolate powder (whatever that is). Mine contains coconut milk, Mattawan Creamery’s Mediterranean Yogurt (local and delicious!), Spirulina protein powder, a banana, ice, and a big scoop of almond butter! Image

Blend until creamy, and enjoy just like a yummy milkshake! (Minus the crash, headache, and digestive changes)


BePure Cleanse Day 3

Today is my 3rd day of cleansing and so far – so good! I have had a headache for the past two days, but nothing unbearable. I’ve suffered from migraine due to an issue in my neck/spine since I was little. These are no comparison to what I have experienced so I am nowhere near complaining! I haven’t been able to decide if the headache is caffeine related (as I have now gone for 72 hours without ANY caffeine) or if it is the toxins moving out of my body! Regardless, I’m sticking to my diet and not going to let a little headache bring down my spirits!

I did a lot of grocery shopping last night. I realized that it will be a lot harder than I thought it would be to avoid all the foods I’m not able to eat. I don’t believe in eliminating ALL bad foods, as this 21 days is a long time, and rationally speaking, if you cut EVERYTHING out, you will not be able to complete the cleanse and diet. Maybe that isn’t true for everyone, but I think it is true for me. If I cut out everything at one time, I wouldn’t be able to last very long. So for now, I’m focussing on making sure that I don’t consume any empty carbs (sweets, sugar, soda, alcohol, white bread, etc) and ultra-pastuerized dairy products (milk, cheeses (except feta, mozzarella, and blue), and butter). Luckily, my mom makes Ghee butter and I may try that in the 2nd week. I’m also using coconut milk and greek yogurt, especially in my smoothies.

I think that all the fruits and vegetables will be easy for me to consume. It just will be hard to go out for dinner with friends. Like last night, I went out to one of my favorite restaurants with two of my good friends. I ordered a big salad, which was delicious, but when it came around for dessert – they both ordered delicious looking desserts, while I ordered a decaf chai tea (no cream or sugar)! It was hard for the first few bites, but I felt great after dinner! I was proud of myself for staying strong and not giving in to temptations.

Over the next few days, I’ll be doing some cooking and will post pictures and recipes for the things I create. I’m thinking of a delicious veggie soup with some rice noodles, beans, and some asian coleslaw (no mayo – just vinegar!).

“Fruit Drinks”

Fruit Drink Facts That Are SCARY! |

Above is a link to an image that shares scary facts about “fruit drinks”. I’m really shocked to read some of this, although most isn’t new information. Unfortunately, we live in a world where money is desired over health and well-being of citizens.

A quick visual: I went to a lecture a few years ago, with my mom, for a lady who was selling some sort of whole food supplement. I don’t fall to sales pitches, most of the time, but I do like to learn information. She had a lot of credible sources and shared revolting information regarding foods in America. One of the most vibrant memory I have of this lecture was her comparison of packets of sugar to tablespoons found in your everyday drinks. One packet of sugar contains 4 grams.

The top sugar containing drinks (from

Rockstart Punched Guava – 102 grams in 22 oz, or about 25 packets

Jolt Energy Drink – 94 grams in 23.5 oz, or about 23 packets

Tropicana Twister Soda – 87.5 grams in 20 oz, or about 21 packets

Orange Crush – 83 grams in 20 oz, or about 20 packets…

And who could actually drinks PACKETS of sugar in water…or any other medium? Plenty of people do it all day long. Awareness is the key! Please Share