Love Your Mother

I just finished off my bottle of apple cider vinegar and this lovely culture was floating around in my mug. Isn’t she beautiful?
Naturally occurring cultures are GOOD! You want to make sure that your ACV has the “mother” in it – as this is the most beneficial part!
Studies show that it may help with diabetes and obesity, heart health, cancer, and high cholesterol. I just love it because it warms my soul, calms my stomach, soothes my throat, and makes me smile!
My sister calls this drink – a combination of ACV, raw honey, and hot water – a hug in a mug. I couldn’t have said it better myself!

The Beauty of Food


Doesn’t Mother Nature give us some of the most beautiful things?? We should all say Yes! as we are one of those beautiful things that has been create by Mother Nature…but so is every plant and animal. What do you think is the most beautiful one? Can you really choose?!

Well… I usually dislike onions and never appreciated their beauty, until last night. I was doing my picture taking and tweeting for the People’s Food Coop cooking classes when I noticed this BEAUTIFUL onion/lotus flower/soul. The first thing I saw was the lotus flower… Then the onion… And then my own soul – with layers falling away as I grow and deepen my understand with my self … What do you see?

And I also had this delicious (baby) watermelon for breakfast! So good. And such a lovely reminder that summer is almost here! I’m ready for it, are you??

What do you do if you are craving sweets? Watch this video.

Need a good way to ensure that you won’t be eating sugar later today, tomorrow, next week, next year? Here ya go! This is a little clip from an awesome UK show “Supersize vs. Superskinny”.

Last semester, I worked on a project that would help curb childhood obesity in Michigan. One of the points I brought up was skinny-fat people (especially kids) because although they appear to be “healthy” (aka, less fat) they are not healthy on the inside. Internal organs coated with fat is not healthy.

Next time you feel like eating some gummies, or a fruit roll up, or a slushy – think about this. Remember what all those ingredients really are…not REAL food.

Don’t starve your body from nutrients. Don’t overfeed your body crap. Be pure, Be healthy, & Always eat real food.

High Country Kombucha… The new root “beer”

I found this treasure today at the food coop! Normally I buy the fruity kombuchas, because that is what I “know” I like… But this was on sale…and after a little hesitation… I bought it! And damn was that the best purchase ever!

You really taste the root beer flavor and I could only imagine that it would be divine with ice cream (or something healthier?) as a big delicious float. Yumm – I’m going to have to buy a case of these!


Craving: Grilled Cheese

Last night I had a pretty intense craving for a grilled cheese – yum! Soo I had a few slices of challah bread (braided egg white bread, Jewish tradition) from Shabbat and decided to make myself a grilled cheese sandwich.

How perfect does that look??


I also had a salad with peppers, cucumbers, sunflower & chia seeds. I use a delicious dressing called “Organic Goddess” by Annie’s – when I want something different than oil & vinegar.

My apartment is 1000 degrees so I’ve been doing hot yoga there instead of in the studio – but I miss everyone at Intentional and will try to make it in this weekend!

Happy Friday!! <3