Coffee…pick me up? Or bad for your health?

Over this past weekend I heard a “fact” that I just couldn’t believe… Apparently, 6 cups of coffee a day is healthy. I’ve heard that coffee can reduce depression and keep someone from committing suicide… That it can reduce stress… Help with weight loss… And the list goes on and on. Sure, coffee isn’t that bad! There are way worse things we can consume… But coffee may not be that great for your health. It can increase heart rate and anxiety. It does cause dependence… Caffeine is a drug and it is addictive.

However, in our society, coffee (and alcohol) are socially acceptable drugs (I won’t even bring up the prescription drug issue) and many people think that it is okay to consume a pot or two a day. I stick with one cup. I mix my beans – half caf, half decaf. I sometimes use organic half and half… But usually I stick with coconut oil and a splash of vanilla extract.

How do you like your coffee? Do you think it is good for you?

I do know, since I was a barista for a year, that many people order high fat, high carb “coffee” drinks – mochas, frapes, chai lattes, etc. These are NOT healthy! Lots of calories, lots of sugar, lots of unhealthy fats… Just don’t do it!


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