The Beauty of Food


Doesn’t Mother Nature give us some of the most beautiful things?? We should all say Yes! as we are one of those beautiful things that has been create by Mother Nature…but so is every plant and animal. What do you think is the most beautiful one? Can you really choose?!

Well… I usually dislike onions and never appreciated their beauty, until last night. I was doing my picture taking and tweeting for the People’s Food Coop cooking classes when I noticed this BEAUTIFUL onion/lotus flower/soul. The first thing I saw was the lotus flower… Then the onion… And then my own soul – with layers falling away as I grow and deepen my understand with my self … What do you see?

And I also had this delicious (baby) watermelon for breakfast! So good. And such a lovely reminder that summer is almost here! I’m ready for it, are you??