Prepping for a cleanse – Happy Spring!

Happy Spring… & let’s get ready to cleanse! As I prep for my spring cleanse, I try to get ready for 3 weeks of growth, change, and health improvements. Right now, I’m feeling pretty good but I have been having slight issues with acne for the past few days. I hope that adjusting my diet for cleansing will help with this (as I have been eating too much fair trade chocolate and sourdough bread lately). So, what do I do to prep for a cleanse?

First and foremost, I make a 3-week date with myself, to treat my mind, body, and spirit with love and appreciation. I make sure I have all my lose ends tied up, like major bills paid for, needed car repairs, and major coursework completed. This allows me to enter into a cleansing period with the lease amount of stress possible.

IMG_6627A few weeks ago, I bought a new blender. I got this Cuisinart Pink Series SmartPower blender. It came with 4 to-go cups, which you can blend in – which is the main reason I bought it! It helps cut down on my dishes and I don’t have to worry about spilling it everywhere when I pour my smoothie into a cup. Below is a picture of my smoothie – bananas (I freeze them), strawberries, kiwi fruit, greek yogurt, a little almond extract, and Universal Greens. You can add flaxseed, chia seed, almonds, or anything else to add some extra nutrients! I eat this, with oatmeal, and it is the perfect breakfast! I’ll talk about my oatmeal in a few days – as it deserves it’s own post!



The next part is the fun part – grocery shopping! I shop at the local food coop, as an owner, and trust this store for fresh produce, quality bulk foods, and much more! My usual daily diet consists of oatmeal and a smoothie for breakfast, a grapefruit as a midmorning snack, a big lunch (salad, quesadilla, soup), a fruit & nut snack midafternoon, and a dinner of a local, free-range chicken breast, some boiled & raw veggies, and some kind of carb (usually rice or whole wheat pasta). Throughout the day I drink lots of water (sometimes with lime/lemon juice and once a day with Tracite) and a few “hug in a mug”s, which is a cup of hot water with a bit of apple cider vinegar and a drop of local, raw honey (to taste).

As I’m currently saving up for a house, I want/NEED to be more careful with my spending habits. I do all of my grocery shopping at the local food coop – but have noticed that I spend a LOT of money on things I use, all the time, and could get a better deal. Things like apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, and witch hazel, are pretty expensive in the store and aren’t locally made, so I don’t feel so bad about buying them online. I placed my first order from and am really satisfied with the price comparison, delivery time, and their product catalog. Here’s my purchase!


During the cleanse, I hope to remove caffeine, sugars (except natural fruit sugar), and white flour from my diet. I will reduce my intake of animal protein and whole grains, and as always, continue to eat whole, local, and organic food. I’ve been practicing yoga, consistently, for 4 months now, and I will continue to do hot yoga in the studio (120 minutes at 102 degrees) 3 times per week, jog a few times per week, and do some at-home body weight exercises and yoga. Also, over the past few years, I have phased out cosmetic/person hygiene products that contain chemicals – so I will continue on with that. Don’t forget that many of our person hygiene products contain chemicals that are toxic – while you cleanse, you are removing those from your body – so don’t just put them right back in it! I use coconut oil as my main moisturizer for my face and body. Sometimes I use some regular lotion, made locally, with organic ingredients. I also use Tom’s toothpaste, but will be making my own during this cleanse (will share pictures and recipe when I get it down). Love your skin, body, and hair – don’t make them toxic with added chemicals that are in MOST of your hygiene products.

Other updates in life: I’m finalizing my offer tomorrow, and I’m really excited but also nervous. It is the first day of Spring and is snowing and barely 28 degrees in Michigan! So I’m trying to keep warm…and hot yoga always helps. Today is a good friend of mine’s birthday…so after work/class/volunteering, I’m heading out for a drink! I’ve been volunteering for the People’s Food Coop and have been taking pictures and posting Tweets for them – so check it out.

Until next day – love yourself & others!


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