Lymphatic System Cleanse – and a healing crisis

Hi All – it has been too long since I’ve updated this blog…but I’m doing it today so I can have a memory of this experience.

Last week, I started a lymphatic system cleanse from my company – Universal Formulas – and I’m taking 9 capsules of Lymph-Flo per day, along with cutting out caffeine, sugar, processed foods, most animal proteins, and dairy. On Saturday, I started to feel a little sick…and still am, but I was convinced it was the flu, until I read up on what a healing crisis was.

Now, I really think I’m having a healing crisis – which is great news! I hope that after I complete the cleanse, I’ll be a new person – energetic, happy, and healthy! Not that I wasn’t before, but just an improvement from what I was before cleansing. I’ve had swollen lymph nodes since I was 8 or so…and never have done a lymphatic system cleanse before. I did a full body cleanse last year and didn’t have a healing crisis, but noticed a lot of great benefits.

Since I started cleansing, I haven’t had any problem staying away from the caffeine – I feel energized and ready to go with out it! Which is a definite blessing in my life. I have been eating pretty well, as always, but have reduced my dairy and animal protein intake a lot. I wish I had a juicer, as I feel like that would really help my healing crisis. But I also haven’t had a big appetite, so I’m only eating small amounts of food.

I’m achy and have pretty heavy congestion in my lungs…with a bad, wet cough, and pressure in my ears. I’ve been drinking Echinacea tea, taking Vitamin D3, and sleeping a lot (but I wake up at 4am everyday, not by choice). I had been breaking out pretty bad leading up to the cleanse, but now my face is clearing up. I took a break from hot yoga, it has been a week since practicing, but I decided that I’m going this afternoon, after work. If I can’t do the full practice, I will at least lay on my mat and enjoy the warmth and the sweat. I’m going to treat it like a “sauna” and detox through expelling toxins out of my body.

I also read that you should not wear a bra for 12-hours per day…which is awesome! At first I thought it was a joke, but it really does make sense. Bras, especially with underwires, probably limit the ability of circulation to the body…so I’ll be happy to follow that rule!

Another interesting article I read, was that the achy-ness I’m experiencing in my back may be from my spine readjusting during the healing crisis – wouldn’t that be amazing! If I finish this cleanse and I don’t have back aches/tightness anymore, I’m going to jump for joy and tell EVERYONE I know to cleanse their lymphatic system.

That’s all for now – I’ll update again once the healing crisis is under control and I’m back and feeling better than ever :)