A few weeks after the cleansing experience…

Although the cleansing experience really made me appreciate healthy living, I haven’t had the easiest time staying away from sweets. Over the past week, I’ve been premenstrual and CRAVING sweets like there is no tomorrow. I’ve had ice cream, donuts, cookies, brownies, hot chocolate, tiramisu, and more, I’m sure. I can’t stop and I feel like crap the next day. Why!?!?

I think part of it was the restriction of sugar for the full 3 weeks on the BePure cleanse. I think being an emotional female for the past week has also played its part. I want to try to cut down on sugar. Now…I said I’ve eaten all these things, but I’ve also continued to eat healthy meals throughout the week. It isn’t like I’m only eating the sugar…I’m eating healthy and THEN I eat all the sugar…

Currently, I’m slightly under the weather. Saturday morning I woke up feeling slightly sick. I started feeling that tickle in my throat, the one that means….EAT WELL OR YOU’RE GONNA REGRET IT! If I have that feeling and continue to eat sugar and dairy, I definitely get worse. So, I’ve been trying not to eat anything unhealthy for the past 24 hours. I haven’t noticed a worsening of my feelings, so I guess it is working. I’m going to take a shot of echinacea and hope that makes it a bit better!

So…I don’t want to post a negative thing on here…but today I’m feeling a big negative. I was doing well with going to hot yoga, but haven’t gone in almost a week. I know I’d feel a lot better if I went, but it’s just getting hard to drive out there and work out…I think the sweets are adding to my laziness.

Anywhooo… I’ll keep posting my random rants, raves, recipes, and more! So, a quick idea for breakfast, lunch, or dinner…

What you need: black refried beans (I used Amy’s organic, but you can make your own), diced tomatoes, a few chili peppers, cheddar cheese, a whole wheat tortilla, 2 slices organic bacon (I used Applegate Farms and cook it in the oven, on parchment paper), 2 farm fresh eggs, and green peppers. I eat up the tortilla with slices of cheese and the mixture of tomatoes, beans, and chili peppers. I let that get warmed up while I cook the eggs with the green peppers. After this, I layer the bacon on top of the beans, then add the eggs on top of that. Delish! So easy. So quick. So good. You can add in hot sauce if you want – I like the flavor I had in it already!

I’m going to try to mess around with a chili paste I bought. I’m a little nervous, as I’ve never used chili paste in cooking before. I want ethnically flavored food. I want spice, warmth, and comfort from hearty and nutritious foods. I find that hard to come by in the American cuisine…and I don’t even know if I want to call American cuisine a cuisine…as half of it isn’t even real food. Well…another topic for a future post!


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