Chocolate cravings? Read this, and you may change your mind…

I love chocolate. Most girls love chocolate, lots of guys love chocolate, dogs love chocolate, even if it hurts them. Chocolate has become a staple in many of our diets. I have been facing a chocolate craving this afternoon and evening. A mug of hot chocolate sounds divine…a little chili powder, mmm. I checked my school email and saw a link sent by my Culinary Tourism professor. It was a chocolate trade world map. And then I remember an article I read in Grist, regarding the chocolate slave trade industry. I want to share with you, whoever may read this, some things I’ve read about chocolate. – a look into the major players in the chocolate trade – the world map of chocolate! – the original article I read, and why I haven’t eaten a chocolate bar that wasn’t Equal Exchange or fair-trade since. vote with your money? – and the regulation for limiting fair-trade has stalled since 2001, even after this study was published. That’s just not right.

If you have the time, and love chocolate, think about buying smart when it comes to chocolate (and everything you can). And by smart, I don’t mean cheap, I mean holistically smart. What is best for you, your family, the environment, the world population, the economy, and your neighbor? Things that are done fairly. Goods that are made by people who are paid what they deserve. Money going to companies that protect their workers, here and abroad.

I don’t mean to get on a pedestal here, it’s just helping  me get over my sugar craving! I think I’ll have a cup of tea; organic, and caffeine free. Buenas noches!


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