BePure Day 17 – Back at home and starting my final week!

We’re almost done with the spring cleaning! I’ve really enjoyed my experience with BePure, thus far. Spending a weekend away, with my family, made the second week have a beautiful ending. Luckily, traveling to Washington, D.C. from Kalamazoo, isn’t a long journey. We were able to leave earlier Friday morning, so I had some yummy fruit and oatmeal at my parents house. I packed almonds and walnuts, an orange, and celery & carrots to snack on for the plane ride. Arriving on Friday, our Passover Seder was that evening. I did have the required wine with our seder, however, I drank slowly and consumed less than two full servings throughout the night.

Many experts say that eating should be an activity that involves all sense. Many of us use taste and smell in every meal, but we don’t always think of the other senses. A seder meal consists of using all of our senses. We eat the food for taste, but also consume bitter herbs in salt water to represent the struggles of the Israelites in bondage. The scent of Matzo Ball Soup brings back fond memories of childhood and my wonderful Grandmother. My grandfather’s table presentation highlights the use of visual appeal to meals. The sound of chat from the large gathering of family and friends allows our minds to wander from our day to day stresses and focus on the people we love.

The rest of my weekend consisted of family time. My cousins, sister, and I explored an area of D.C. called the Eastern Market, located in the Capitol Hill district. The Eastern Market is an indoor/outdoor market, operating daily, and offering a wide variety of fresh and local venders.

They have everything from fresh produce, to local and organic meat, to beautiful flowers. The outdoor area hosted artists, vintage clothing, jewelry, and more food! If anyone reading this gets the chance to experience D.C., you MUST check out the Eastern Market (Metro station just a block away).

After our shopping adventure, we enjoyed a dinner of Thai cuisine – yellow curried tofu, veggies, and brown rice. We flew back Sunday afternoon and had dinner at Zingermann’s Roadhouse in Ann Arbor. I had a delightful salad and bowl of Matzo Ball Soup (yes, again).

Arriving home, after a delicious dinner and an off-the-beaten-path drive home, brought about relief and relaxation. I started some laundry, made a cup of Sleepytime tea, and fell asleep early. This morning, I woke up to my 17th day of the BePure cleanse! I went to breakfast with a good friend and ordered two eggs, whole wheat toast, and a cup of fresh fruit, alongside a mug of decaf coffee. I only drank half of my cup, as this was my first time having coffee in 17 days. It didn’t taste as good as I remember, which I guess is a good thing?! Anyways, I’m happy that I’ve been able to keep caffeine and sugars eliminated for this long. Although I consumed alcohol, it was good red wine, and a requirement by our religious practices.

Furthermore, I decided that I’m going to plan a trip to go to D.C. for a longer time period. My hometown, and now home-away-from-home, has only been visited in long weekend trips. I want to take a long trip down there in order to experience parts of DC that I haven’t been able to. After going there for 22 years, I had never even heard of the Eastern Market. Sometimes, when we go on trips to see family, we aren’t able to be tourists. I’ve seen the museums and monuments, but I haven’t experienced life in the city. I want that experience, especially in a place that I call home.

Well, I really am enjoying my cleansing experience. Although I hoped to notice some major changes, I feel that the internal changes are very beneficial. Being able to go to sleep, get a full nights rest, and wake up energized, at an early hour, is my biggest change! However, this was also my weakest link – so this slight change that has been so much appreciated. I’ve always had strong digestion, so I haven’t noticed any significant changes. I feel energized, healthy, and happy everyday! Although this is my usual attitude, it has been much easier to maintain this attitude through stressful times, long days, and traveling!


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