BePure Day 4 – Veggie processing & a small chocolate craving!

So after I bought all those delicious veggies, I decided if I waited any longer to cut them up I’d faint with hunger. So I chopped them all up and made them fit into my little fridge! And who knew that cabbages were so beautiful!?! :)Image

I definitely open it up for a snack and get an instant smile on my face. It has been a long time since my fridge was completely full of fresh cut veggies – including cabbage, spinach, broccoli, kale, peppers, carrots, and celery – and some fresh chives found the other day in the woods! (I hope those are edible…as I’ve heard they only grow where there has once been urine…but I doubt that is true).


After I chopped up some veggies and did many dishes, I began to rearrange my room. I feel that this cleansing time, along with mercury retrograde, give ourselves a perfect opportunity to re-acclimate to reality…you know, flow some new and improved energy in your living space, de-clutter your life – physically, mentally, and spiritually. I have an over abundance of shoes in my life, and I found a new pair I love. So, I decided that if I was going to purchase this new pair, I would get rid of 4 pairs which I never wear. Good deal! I love these shoes! (okay, and taking pictures)


I still have a slight headache – I’m thinking it could be from the toxins. I walked a lot around campus today and felt pretty good until about 5pm. I started to get a slight headache and decided to eat dinner.h I had some chicken noodle soup (organic and passed my normal label examination), lots of fresh veggies in a salad, and an orange for dessert. So after this long day I had a slight chocolate craving. It has been 96 hours since I’ve consumed caffeine and almost 96 hours since I’ve consumed chocolate (I had some late Friday night!) and I needed a little pick me up. I decided to make a healthy chocolate shake! I learned how to make something similar to this when I worked at a fitness club 2 years ago. I didn’t like any of their “protein” shakes, which were artificial fruit blends, whey protein powder, and a scoop of chocolate powder (whatever that is). Mine contains coconut milk, Mattawan Creamery’s Mediterranean Yogurt (local and delicious!), Spirulina protein powder, a banana, ice, and a big scoop of almond butter! Image

Blend until creamy, and enjoy just like a yummy milkshake! (Minus the crash, headache, and digestive changes)


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