Daylight Savings & Mercury Retrograde

Today, after having an awakening day yesterday, has brought many new changes and thoughts into my universe.

Yesterday was Daylight Savings, a time for us to lose an hour of the night to give ourselves an extra hour of the sun. I was up until 2am on Saturday. I went home from my best friend’s house and decided to clean my room. I got home around 1:30am and next thing I knew, it was 3:08am and I was still not sleepy! (Maybe this is a predicament of the college student, but I NEVER want to sleep before 2am.) Then, suddenly, I realized that tomorrow the sun would be up until 8pm-ish and it was going to be an amazing day!

On Sunday, I enjoyed a day to myself until the late afternoon. I went grocery shopping at the People’s Food Coop for some necessities. I try really hard to not eat eggs, milk, or cheese that comes from a non-local source. Eating nutritious foods has been a staple in my life since I could remember. Later that evening, I went on a long and beautiful hike with a friend of mine. I  had never been to this location before and it opened my mind. I feel that I’m in need of some changes and some soul searching which this spring clean will hopefully bring!

Now, I’m not sure if many people are familiar with Mercury Retrograde, but it has been another aspect of my life since before I could remember. My mom has always been a follower of astrology and has passed that on to myself and my sister. I don’t read my horoscope everyday. I do check out a monthly version at After reading my March horoscope, I noticed that Mercury would go into retrograde on the 12th of March. Many things come to life during Mercury Retrograde. It is a time for introspection, renewal, and growth. Communication has issues during this time, so it is best not to make commitments, sign contracts, or plan travel. This is a time for cleaning, healing, thinking, and mediation. All things I want to enhance over the next few weeks of my life… not to mention the rest of it!

On another note…I believe that I was suffering from a sinus infection late last week. I woke up Thursday morning slightly congested and with a head cold. Since I had a break from classes, I decided to needed to spend Thursday recovering. I started to search for some home remedies. I drank apple cider vinegar diluted in water to loosen up some mucus. I took Vitamin C to boost my immune system. I cut out diary products and sugar for a few days. I started to gargle with baking soda, crushed aspirin, and hot water. I also ate some spicy food, including wasabi and jalapenos! As of today, I’m feeling a lot better! My face is dry and I still have a slight runny nose, but I think I’ll wake up tomorrow morning feeling great!


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